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ByTune Electronics Co., Ltd, since 1998, is a government supporting, Hi-Tech, private enterprise, with more than 200 employees, 80,000 Square feet factory and 6,500 square feet RD & sales office. ByTune is focused in developing, designing, manufacturing slip rings over 20 years, we supply wide range of slip rings product and 360°rotary solutions. Besides supplying standard through hole slip rings, capusle slip rings, separate slip rings, pan cake slip rings, hydraulic slip rings, Pneumatic slip rings, coax rotary joints, fiber optic slip ring etc. ByTune has an expertised engineering team of more than 50 experienced and expert staffs, we offer professional slip rings product innovation service with prompt delivery. We customize slip rings basing on customers specific requests in different applications such as agriculture machine slip ring, crane slip ring, antenna slip rings, wind turbine slip rings, auto-wrap machine slip rings... ByTune is also equipped with many CNC machines and Lathe, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Punching, Bending machines etc , ByTune supplies quality machine parts as well.
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  • OD 18mm Through hole slip rings
  • Certificated Through Hole Slip Rings
  • ByTune 3G HD/SDI Video Electric Slip Rings
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